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Terms, general and privacy terms and conditions

Declaration Form 050203


The purpose is to sell used products and items online, but of good workmanship, working (in case they are not must be specified) behind a commission of 15% to be recognized to Global Trade Service that owns the online E-commerce, as a mediation between Buyer and Seller.

This commission includes promotional actions carried out by Horyzon to highlight the product, product management and handling of buyer requests and also administrative parts regarding the sale.

Policy, New Year'

The procedure and regulations for acceptance and sale must follow the following procedure:

a. a. THE SELLER USER sends an email to,requesting to sell his item on the Horyzon portal, attaching various photos of the object (possibly in good definition) and specifying what amount he wants to sell it to.

b. Horyzon evaluates the item, photos, and request of the amount for sale. Accepts or rejects the request.

c. In the event of Horyzon's acceptance to publish the item to be sold, the SELLER USER sends an email confirming acceptance of the following rules(Declaration Form 050203), to,together with photographs of the product, to a meticulous description (year of purchase, characteristics of the product, if working, its status, any problems) all to its full responsibility regarding the declaration of the status of the object. In addition, it also sends the name of the owner and address of where the item to be sold is located.

d. Horyzon publishes the item to be sold by placing it in the eligible category on the E-commerce portal, also publishes on the pages (FACEBOOK, ISTAGRAM AND PINTERST) and the item and is included in the Horyzon promotional newsletter.

and. The product remains in the custody and under the responsibility of the SELLER USER.

f. If the product is not sold in the first THREE months of publication on the E-commerce, the price is automatically discounted by 30% from the price initially published. The product remains bound to publication without further discounts, subject to notification by the SELLER user to remove the item from sale.

g. When the product is sold, horyzon sends a SALES NOTICE email to THE SELLER USER with: amount of price sold and name of shipping carrier and transport documents for shipping.

h. h. The packaging of the product to be shipped is carefully prepared by the SELLER USER who makes sure that he cannot suffer damage due to transport and delivers it to the shipper who will be at the address indicated for collection. For the packing operation and for delivery to the courier to the SELLER USER will be recognized a bonus of 4€ that will be paid together with the amount of the price sold, deducted the commissions of Horyzon.

i. (i) the When the BUYER CUSTOMER confirms that he has received the package, is intact and there are no complaints, HORYZON pays the SELLER the amount of the sale deducting the commission of 15% for his service and the bonus for the packaging.


The administrative part concerning the shipment of the item sold is the responsibility of Horyzon and it is of his complete determination the choice of the shipper based on costs. It is important that CUSTOMER BUYER has the lowest possible price in order to incentivize him to buy. Horyzon will book the pick-up at the address indicated by THE SALESMAN who must make every effort to deliver it without delay. It is Horyzon's right to provide the courier with the mobile number of the SELLER USER in order to facilitate delivery and not incur possible cancellations due to the delay in delivery.

Limitation of liability

Horyzon does not offer any guarantee or answer for the inability of the products for the purposes claimed by THE BUYER CUSTOMER.

Horyzon will under no circumstances be liable for any costs, charges or damages arising as a result of any failure of THE SELLER user to comply with his obligations arising from these General Conditions, nor from the violation by THE SELLER user of any law or regulation regarding consumer protection, health or public order.

Horyzon will not be liable under any circumstances before THE SELLER OR third parties for direct, indirect, derivative or related losses or damages with the subject matter of this agreement or for the incorrect functioning of the product, including incidents to persons, damage to well distinct from the subject matter of the contract or loss of benefits. Any compromise and obligation of THE SELLER user resulting from the existing guarantees between him and his users that goes beyond the above indicated and that have not been accepted by Horyzon in written and express form, will be the responsibility of THE SELLER USER.

Warranty conditions

Horyzon is in no way the guarantor for the operation, integrity and operating status of the product sold. The guarantees governing the sale of a used product are fully in force and are the responsibility of the SELLER user who owns the sold item.

Privacy notes

The data provided for the documents and other data will in no way be transferred to third parties or used inappropriately. Horyzon recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy and rights of its SALES USERS and guarantees the correct processing of its data in compliance with applicable laws.

THE SELLER USER expressly accepts the rules on the processing of personal data attracted to registration on the website of

Applicable laws and special statutes

These General Conditions of Sale will be regulated and interpreted in accordance with the legislation in force in Italy.

In the event of a dispute, the contracting parties submit to the Judges and Courts of Como (Italy) with express renunciation of other Judges and Tribunals that may belong to them.

However, the previous paragraph will not prevent Horyzon from exercising its right to settle any dispute in another competent jurisdiction.

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